Boss Galaga

The Boss Galaga are the main enemies in the Galaga series. They are strong, green alien species that are best known for abducting enemy spacecrafts. They tend to act as the leaders of many squadrons of the Galaga Legion.

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Perhaps the most iconic enemies in the series, the Boss Galaga are green, fly-like entities that act as the commanding leaders to numerous units of the Galaga Legion. While not as numerous as the Zako or Goei, they are however more durable, being ablate absorb two shots rather than one before being destroyed. Unlike the other two fighters, which dive bomb independently, the Boss Galaga may also be seen dive bombing alongside a fellow Goei or two. While they are able to fire multiple shots like the Goei, they are capable using an additional weapon: a tractor beam, capable for abducting enemy spacecrafts and beguiling them as part of their squadron. They will only initiate the beam alone, as they will not use it while being escorted by any Goei.

As stated, hitting the Boss Galaga once will not immediately destroy it, rather change its color from green to purple, a display of showing superior armor among the other Galagan crafts.

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The Boss Galaga makes numerous appearances in other video games and movies:

  • It appears as an item in Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U/3DS as a unique item, it retains its role by abducting opponents out of the ring.
  • The Boss Galaga also appears in the 2015 film Pixels as the aliens' mothership which transports the protagonists into a final challenge to defeat "the Boss".

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