GalagaDE intro DSE1
Note that DSE1's not The Centurion


Earth Government


Cruiser, Deep Space Explorer Class


Defence Turrets


Estimated 4 kilometers

Deep Space Explorer 1 otherwise known as DSE1 is a space exploration Cruiser.


DSE1 is a ship capable of near light speeds. It had a fleet of several other DSE class ships, as well as an escort of fighters. It flew a cargo of several Nanobots to Pluto to Terra-Form the planet. It took the Nanobots there and was about to Terra-Form when DSE2, with more state-of-the-art nano-tech was sent to a much more ambitious target. Star-Cluster M1123. DSE2 "The Centurion" was then dispatched to Terra-Form M1123. But DSE1's fleet succeeded in creating a foothold.


  • DSE1 is mentioned throughout the manuel of Galaga: Destination Earth but, in game the only clue of it's existance is a small cameo in the intro.


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