Fusion Gunship
Fusion Fighter




Fighter, Gunship, Hybrid


Energy Stick, Pulse Canon, Cyclone-Beam


Estimated 15 meters

The Fusion Gunship is a combination of a Gyarku fighter & the Galaxip 79.


The Fused Gunship was created when a Gyaraku used it's fusion technology, to attach onto the Galaxip 79 in a last attempt to defeat the Galaga Legions, in the Three Month War. It was capable of flying in any direction, & can shoot three shots. It's one of few fighters in the AGAD to be armed with a Cyclone-Beam(Which it needs to charge via. Blaster-Head.) After using a Cyclone-Beam it can have up to six wingmen at once. By draining energy from a comet, it can create a devastating blast. After a long period it drove all enemies into retreat.


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