Galaga SE
Galaga: Special Edition is a direct sequel to Galaga X. It was released in the spring of 2012 for Blackberry, iPad, Android, and Sony Xperia PLAY. It was built using the Java engine like its predeccessor.


Several Galaga fighters have massed on the ouside of the UG and are preparing to attack! The AEf-7 Blowneedle has been dispatched to intercept and destroy them before they reach their primary destination. Earth.


The gameplay remains simaler to Galaga X. The Blowneedle is constantly facing upward. Galaga fighter often deploy. The player leaves behind Sattelite weapons angled in a certain direction to gun down Galaga in a direction they can't aim. The player is also capable of launching rockets, bombs, and other weapons for ultimate destruction. The player can also continue an old game if they want to.


Galaga: Special Edition has had fairly good reception. On internet forums, most people praise it, although they have a problem with the 'change weapon button' "taking up half the screen."