Galaga Break is a Japan-only Galaga game released in 2012. It's a spin-off but, is still a fun way to spend an afternoon. It uses that Java engine on Mobile.


The player controls they're Gyaraku fighter through the locations of several classic Namco francises. Each level brings a new take on the game with a new objective. The Various levels include....

Galaga LevelEdit

A level after our own hearts. The player is moving from a side-scrolling point of view, and destroys Galaga fighters as they attack.

Xevious LevelEdit

The player navigates they're fighter in an attemt to defeat the GAMP army. Flying saucers, tanks, and other obstacles attack the player.

Dig Dug LevelEdit

The player defeats under ground monsters like the inflating Pooka, and the Fire-Breating Fygar. Every shot the player makes digs a tunnel, wihch the enemies can use to move around in. The players goal is to destroy they're target or get destroyed.

Mappy LevelEdit

The player move under the trampolines in the house with trying to shoot the balloons amd the cats(Mewkies & Goro.) as they hop by.