Galaga Sentry Cruiser
Galaga Sentry Cruiser


Galaga Legions


Missiles, Energy Projectiles



The Galaga Sentry Cruiser is a cruiser from the Galaga Conflict. It was asigned to set up stronghold on the Planet of Ice.


2288:Journey through Dark SpaceEdit

In the year 2288, the Galaga fleet rose and attacked again. The Sentry Ship ans it's armada took the Planet of Ice and held it from the UGSF and AGAD. After two of it's waves were destroyed it surfaced from a covering of frost and attacked the group of Gyaraku, and when it was near destroyed, retreated.


Like other Galaga cruisers this cruiser is capable of launching fighters from it's front. It can launch several powerful Energy Projectiles, some larger than others. The larger energy projectiles can explode, causing a shockwave.

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