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The Galaxian sub-series was the first Galaxian series in existance.


The Galaxian sub-series, is based mostly on using the weaponry on Gunships. Only two games don't have you using gunships. All the games but King Galaxian, feature the Galaxip ship. And almost all take place in a galaxy other then the Milky Way.

List of GamesEdit

The Three-Month WarEdit

In the begining...

The Galaxian3 TrilogyEdit

Three games marked with "Galaxian 3."


Two game lines in one.


  • Like mentioned above Galaxian is kind of like Space Invaders improved in the fact that enemies don't just sit around shooting at you but fly down and attack.
  • The quote in Galaxian the game "We are the Galaxians are our mission:Destroy all aliens." has made fans think that the U.S.G.F. is really called the Galaxians, which is true. The United Galaxy changed the names of it's citizens from Earthian to Galaxian in the year 3020.
  • Fans think that a Galaxip and a Dragoon are different ships whereas a Dragoon is really a kind of Galaxip.

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