"A few years after Project Dragoon, mankind is faced with yet another threat!"-The Male pilot of Team Dragoon.

Galaxian: The Rising of Gourb







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Galaxian:The Rising of Gourb is the 2nd edition to the Galaxian 3 trilogy and was the only game in the trilogy to have 4 players rather than six. It is the second earliest story chronology in the series.


Some years after Project Dragoon mankind is again threatened by the Galaga Legions. On the planet Kornious a sudden and unexplanable disruption of gravity has occured. Bringing the planet to the brink of extinction. A probe has found that many objects beneath the surface of Cornius, an enhanced version of the UIMS that attacked in Project Dragoon, are syphoning the planet's gravity. High-tech Space-Fortress Gourb is planning to redirect the planet's gravity to a star and destroy the UG. So the United Galaxy Space Force launches Team Dragoon to destroy Gourb and the UIMS. But Gourb has already risen from below the surface of Kornious to unleash this gravity burst.


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Gourb's plot fails, but the Dragoon is still trapped inside Gourb's core. In assistance to Dragoon two Hawks blast through the wall, creating an exit. Dragoon and the Hawks escape, and Gourb falls into Kornious. Releasing the gravitic energy and destroying Kornious, as well as the remainder of the special UIMS. Team Dragoon is destroyed and Gourb launches it's stored gravitic energy in a devastating energy beam. Causing Kornious to fall apart. The Beam sails in the United Galaxy and scrapes by Earth's Moon, completely destoying it. The beam hits the Sun and the Sun explodes. Taking the United Galaxy with it.


Cornius Surface

Gameplay over Cornius.

The Gameplay is the same as the previous title. The Player aims a laser canon at targets and shoots them. The player has to destroy targets before they are destroyed themself. The player shoots special targets to deal with cruisers.



  • This is the only game from the Galaxian 3 trilogy to include 4 player funtion instead of 6 player

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