Galaxip 79




Gunship, Galaxip Class


Energy Stick


Estimated 14 Meters

The Galaxip is a Gunship in the service of Earth. It is the the starfighter that the player uses in the original Galaxian. The starfighter strangely looks like an arrow with jets, although in later games, its appearance has become more definable for a spacecraft. Since its debut, it has made numerous appearances in the series.


2279: Galaga War 1Edit

The Galaxip 79 along with other Galaxip fighters was assigned to fight off the first wave of the Galaga Legions with the the help of several Galaxy Ships. With the assistance of the Galaxy Ships it repelled the alien invasion.

2459: Operation Star IxiomEdit

It was used in Operation: Star Ixiom when the Galaga, Bosconian, Battura, UIMS, and Sadin attack the UG. It became part of the "Team Gaia" organization and was armed for battle by the task force to stop the alien attack. It was piloted by Roy Heinik's team.


Galaxip 79 is armed with Energy Sticks and a pair of rocket-drives. It is not as fast as other ships but makes up for it in artillery.

Gallery Edit


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