Hawk is a UGSF fighter that is agile and strong. It's was seen mostly in the original UIMS wars, and appears not to be used by AGAD. A squad of these were codenamed Harris.


The UGSF created these fighters for combat and put four of these with elite pilots on Team Dragoon.

2243:Project DragoonEdit

When the UIMS prepaired to fire the Cannon-Seed, Team Dragoon was dispatched to the Epsilon Eridanus area. These immediatly seperated from the Dragoon to work they're part of the mission. They reunited with the Dragoon over the atmophere of Eridanus Alpha , and dealt with the UIMS fleet. The group then decended into the atmosphere and flew over the surface of the planet towards they're destination. After passing the UIMS defences the Hawks stayed on the outside of the Cannon-Seed, waiting for Dragoon to de-activate the weapon and escape. The Dragoon soon flew out the Cannon-Seed's mouth, then escaped back to the mother-ship with the Hawks following. Escaping the planets gravity field right before the Cannon-Seed backfired. Obliterating Alpha.

2245:The Rising of GourbEdit

Three years after Project Dragoon mankind is again put under an alien threat. When the UIMS space-fortress Gourb planned to redirect planet Kornious' gravity to the sun(causing a firey armageddan) Team Dragoon was dispatched again to attack and destroy Gourb, and the mutated UIMS fleet with it.(UIMS Sigma) The Hawks attacked the UIMS Sigma fleet and then followed the Dragoon through the Shield Maze and eventually onto Kornious. One of these took point on Cornious, and led the way to Gourb. At Gourb these stood guard on the outside again. When they recieved information that the Dragoon was trapped inside they blew a hole in the side of Gourb and helped Dragoon escape. Shotly afterwards Gourb fell back onto Kornious causing the weakened planet to collaspe in on itself.

2311:Attack of the ZolgearEdit

When Zolgear destroyed the space-port on Zol and moved towards Exia, the next Team Dragoon moved out to defeat the Space-Monsters. The Hawks flew with Dragoon J2, and defeated the Space-Monsters before they destroyed to much of Exia.


Hawks have twin thrusters, as well as guns mounted on the front of both thrusters. A cockpit is between the thrusters/guns. They are fast and agile, but lack in firepower.