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Mechandise are items that are sold, based specificly on Galaxian. If we're missing merchandise please add it in.

List of MerchandiseEdit


  • GeoSword-A toy was built of GeoSword & featured in Shooting Game Historica II.
  • Gaiai-A toy was built of Gaiai & featured in Shooting Game Historica II.

Books Featuring GalaxianEdit

  • Joystick Magazine-The April 1983 issue included a Galaga article.
  • Nintendo Power-The September 1995 issue included a series article for Galaga: Demons of Death, & Galaga for GameBoy.
  • Arcade Fever-This book featured info on Galaxian, Galaga, Gaplus, & Bosconian.


  • Namco Graffiti Collection-A remixed version of the Galaga theme is here.
  • Ridge Racer 64 Soundtrack-A Galaga/Pac-Man track is featured here.
  • Christmas Ornement-An ornement was created by Halmark, which plays sound from the game.
  • Clock-A Galaga clock also exists.


  • Galaga Sweater-Showing the armada & an explosion.
  • Galaga T-Shirt-A T-Shirt that shows three fighters together & says:"YES! IT DOES EXIST!"


  • Slurpy Cup-A Galaga Slurpy cup showing a Galagon.
  • Keychain-Yes, there's even a Galaga keychain.
  • Galaga Artwork-A little comic style artwork.
Galaga artwork

The Artwork.

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